What is the best time to do a Hypnobirthing course?

Ideally Hypnobirthing is done around 30 weeks, so you can enjoy the benefits during pregnancy, as well as at the birth of your baby. However, it is never too late and can make a difference even in late pregnancy.


Should my birth partner attend?

They don’t need to, but it would be so beneficial if they do. Often birthing partners arrive at the course a bit skeptical and leave enthusiastic. Don't worry if your birth partner is feeling a bit skeptical or reluctant. I promise they willl be fine and probably enjoy it ;-) 


Will it work if I come on my own?

Yes, definitely. Many women, whether they have a partner or not, come on their own for a variety of reasons. Hypnobirthing works and coming alone should not stop you. You are always welcome to bring a friend, parent, sibling or someone else to support, if you wish.

I am having a planned cesarean is there any point in hypnobirthing?

Yes absolutely. I run a bespoke course for those having planned cesareans. Its a wonderful way to prepare for a calm and positive birth of your baby. 

I want to have ALL the dugs is there any point in hypnobirthing?

Yes, hypnobirthing is not about drug free birth. Its about understanding your options, weighing them up and making the right decision for you. It can benefit you greately even if you want / have ALL the drugs! 


What happens after the course?

I am still here for you and able to support you via telephone / email in the lead up to your birth.

What is the history of Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing originated from the work of Dr Grantley Dick-Reid. In his book ‘Childbirth Without Fear’, published in 1933, he suggests that when we are afraid, our body diverts blood and oxygen to essential defence organs. Dr Dick-Reid hypothesised that when a woman is scared during childbirth, blood and oxygen are diverted away from the uterus and therefore it cannot perform its functions efficiently, without pain. When a woman remains calm and relaxed, the uterine muscles are not starved of vital blood and oxygen, and are free to work comfortably, like any other muscle in our body.

Over the years his theories have been fully vindicated with research into how hormones work during childbirth. His principles have been further developed by a number of natural birth practitioners with Hypnobirthing being the most notable and widely practiced.

If you have any other questions or queries do not hesitate to contact me.