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About Me

My name is Ailsa – I am a mum of three beautiful children, Joshua, Amelia and Jack, and married to Stuart. In addition to being a qualified Hypnobirthing teacher, I am also a breastfeeding peer support worker and pregnancy scan assistant. 


I discovered Hypnobirthing for myself when pregnant with my second child, Amelia. My first birth was an induction and very medicated, and I was determined the second time would be different. After stumbling across hypnobirthing, feeling a bit skeptical, I took the plunge and did a course. I went on to have the most wonderful and positive birth experience. I went into spontaneous labour and had a short, calm and comfortable birth. I felt completely in control the whole time and it was amazing.

Since then, I have been passionate in sharing Hypnobirthing with all woman. Following this ambition, I quit my London job (and commute!), re-trained as a Hypnobirthing teacher and founded Hypnobirthing Sussex. I am now living my dream of working alongside expectant parents to help them achieve the best birth possible.


I am passionate that everyone should birth without fear and be able to approach birth informed, calm and confident. 

Ailsa x